Product ReviewSony HDTV KDL55W950

The Sony HDTV KDL55W950 is one of Sony’s Smart LED TVs, with a Full HD display, Digital/Analog TV system, and Wi-Fi connectivity, among others.

How Much?

The selling price of the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 is around US$3,629.43, although discounts are likely to be applied, as well as Free Shipping if purchased from Amazon.Sony HDTV KDL55W950

Who Would Buy This?

The Sony HDTV KDL55W950 is perfect for anyone who is looking for the ultimate full HD TV experience in their homes. Anyone who wants the full cinematic experience – in crisp and beautiful 3D, no less! – in their own homes will definitely want to get his or her hands on this one.

Things We Like

The amazing picture, video, and audio quality of the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 are already more than enough reasons to invest in this unit. However, its connectivity features are also worth noting, especially in this day and age when the internet has now become an integral player in the field of entertainment. We particularly liked how easy it makes it to tap into the Sony Entertainment Network, giving you easy access to internet video, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Since it is Skype-ready, it also makes connecting easier and even more interactive.

The ECO features of the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 are also smart additions. With its Dynamic Backlight Control, Backlight Off mode, and Power Saving Modes, you have ways of keeping your electricity consumption (and electric bills!) from shooting through the roof.

 Things We Don’t Like

With so many amazing features and useful functionalities, it is difficult to find a single thing to dislike about the Sony HDTV KDL55W950. If there is one gripe we have about this product, however, it would have to be the price, which is quite steep, especially when compared to other 3D LED TVs.


Upon purchase, the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, as well as after sales support from Sony Customer Care.

 Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 is definitely worth every cent spent on it, especially if you take into account the customer service that you can avail of from Sony even after your purchase.

 Where Can I Buy?

Aside from directly going to Sony, you may also purchase the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 on Amazon, where you have the chance to get it at a discount. You will save even more on shipping and handling, since it is highly probable that this product will qualify under their Free Shipping program.

 Final Thoughts

We can name only a few home entertainment items that are worth investing on, and the Sony HDTV KDL55W950 is definitely one of them. Get the ultimate 3D cinema experience, right in the comfort of your own home, with the Sony HDTV KDL55W950.

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