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Sony RM-LVR2

1The perfect tool to fully control your Sony Action Cam – whether it is the FDR-X1000V or the HDR-AS200V) is the Sony RM-LVR2, the new Live View Remote from Sony. It can control up to 5 cameras simultaneously and is waterproof down to a depth of 10 ft, making it your reliable companion on your action-packed adventures – on land, on air, or in the water.

How Much Is The Sony RM-LVR2?

The price of the Sony RM-LVR2 live view remote control is $149.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony RM-LVR2?

Adventurous individuals would like to take photos of their adventures and challenges, so they bring an action cam with them. However, sometimes they need more than a little help, especially when they want to operate it in a more hassle-free manner. That is where a remote control comes in. But the Sony RM-LVR2 is not just your usual remote control, since it offers more functionalities so taking photos while in action will be easy, snappy, and painless! Read the rest of this entry

Sony CX405

1Handy camcorders are becoming travel essentials and must-haves for everyday life, and Sony’s answer is to make them more accessible and available to consumers. Thus, it has come up with the Sony CX405, a full HD 60p camcorder with 27x Optical and 54x Clear Image Zoom and SteadyShot image stabilization to keep things clear and in perspective.

How Much Is The Sony RM-LVR2?

The suggested selling price of the Sony CX405 is $229.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony CX405?

Recording one’s everyday life or momentous events and occasions is becoming more important for people of all ages. Fortunately, there are now a lot of available devices that make it easier. The Sony CX405 is definitely going to be on the list of anyone who wants a high quality and handy camcorder to record those precious moments.

Things We Like About The Sony CX405

Don’t you just love it when you can record important events in full HD and be able to view the afterwards – also in full HD? The Sony CX405 features a 1920×1080 Full HD 60p capability and a 9.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor. You can also count on it to deliver great images and captures, thanks to its 29.8mm wide angle Carl Zeiss Lens. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V

1The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V combines many of every adventurer’s favorite things: a sports action camera, 4K quality, Wi-Fi and GPS functionalities, all packed in a heavy-duty high-performance body and a waterproof case.

How Much Is The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

This action cam from Sony has a suggested retail price of $499.00.

Who Would Buy The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

Sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors are now making it a point to document their activities and adventures using cameras. However, more often than not, what they are able to capture does not even come close to the real thing. It’s not clear enough, or the action is not captured as vividly as they want. Worse, the captured moments are not rendered as well as they had hoped. With the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V, those concerns are greatly minimized and even eliminated. They can now watch those adventures come to life over and over again, thanks to this action camera’s fool-proof performance. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V

1The latest crop of action cams in the market is certainly reshaping what we knew about action photography and video-taking. The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V is a perfect example of that. This new Action Cam from Sony is made for use on water, on air, and on earth – in practically any milieu where your adventures take place. With Full HD capability and SteadyShot image stabilization encased in a splash-proof heavy-duty body, it is clearly every adventurer’s handy handycam!

How Much Is The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V?

This premium all-action cam from Sony is priced at $299.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V?

Once they’ve had a taste, adventurers will definitely be on the lookout for the next challenge, and it no doubt has to be bigger, better, and more challenging than the previous one. Thus, they would need an action cam that can keep up with them. The outstanding Sony action cam, with its features and specifications, is sure to be the ticket they are looking for. Now they can step up their A-game, because their camera will also be doing the same. Read the rest of this entry

Sony HDR-PJ440

1The Sony HDR-PJ440 is not your ordinary handycam, since it comes with a built-in projector and integrated image stabilization system. It features an Exmor R CMOS sensor and a Zeiss 30x Optical Zoom Lens. On top of that, it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled.

How Much Is The Sony HDR-PJ440?

This camcorder, complete with an 8GB internal memory, has a price of $399.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony HDR-PJ440?

You’ve seen them before: they buy a camcorder, and then purchase a projector separately. That is what this unit effectively does away with, since you will get two functionalities in one package. This will definitely save a lot of money, not to mention space as well as effort when this camcorder has to be carried around. Read the rest of this entry

Panasonic Lumix CM-1

The Panasonic Lumix CM-1 is a communication camera that boasts an ultra-slim design, and operates using the latest Android operating system. It is equipped with a 20-megapixel 1-inch Sensor, a 4.7-inch full HD Touch LCD, and Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities.

How Much Is The Panasonic Lumix CM-1?

The Panasonic Lumix CM-1 comes with a hefty price tag pegged at $1,599.00.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic Lumix CM-1?

It’s not a rare sight to see people lugging two gadgets with them: a smartphone on one hand, and a compact camera on the other. Things would definitely be much easier if they can have only one unit that performs the function of the two. That is where the Panasonic Lumix CM-1 comes in. This is ideal for users who prefer a no-fuss option to having a camera AND a separate smartphone. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Xperia Z1-a compact digital camera

Product ReviewSony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 combines two functionalities in one elegant and waterproof design: a compact digital camera and a high-performance smartphone with wireless NFC technology and a full range of innovative camera and entertainment apps.

How Much?

The price of the Sony Xperia Z1 is yet to be announced by Sony.Sony Xperia Z1

Who Would Buy This?

The Sony Xperia Z1 will definitely be snatched up by those who appreciate multiple functionalities in their gadgets or devices. Who wouldn’t want to have a smartphone that also acts as an outstanding camera and a music player, all at the same time? For some people, phones can be taken as status symbols, and the sleek and elegant design of this unit is not going to disappoint.

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Samsung WB1100F-handheld zoom camera

Product ReviewSamsung WB1100F

The Samsung WB1100F is a handheld zoom camera from Samsung’s WB series, which features the company’s new ‘Tag & Go’ feature, a 35x optical zoom with Speed Control Key, a 16.2 effective megapixel CCD sensor, and 25mm wide angle lens.

How Much?

At the moment, pricing for this product has not yet been announced.Samsung WB1100F

Who Would Buy This?

The Samsung WB1100F handheld camera is the perfect choice for adventurous photographers, or frequent travelers who want to capture every detail of their trips or adventures in pictures and immediately share them to family and friends. With its outstanding zoom capability and advanced NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can do exactly that with this camera.

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Samsung WB35F- smart camera with video mode capability

Product ReviewSamsung WB35F

The Samsung WB35F is one of the newest members of Samsung’s WB family of smart cameras. With a 12X optical zoom, 16-Megapixel CCD sensor, Optical Image Stabilization, and NFC/Wi-Fi connectivity, users will be able to capture sharply defined and vibrant images with every shot. Samsung WB35F

How Much?

At the moment, no price for the Samsung WB35F has been announced yet.

Who Would Buy This?

The Samsung WB35F is the perfect camera for photographers who are always on the go and want a camera that delivers stunning and non-blurry images, even from a long distance. Those who won’t settle for anything less than HD will also fall in love with the HQ quality of the video recording mode of this camera. This is also a promising choice for those who are looking for a camera with wireless connectivity without  breaking the bank.

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Samsung WB50F-smart camera with a clear long 12x optical zoom

With a sensitivity range of ISO 80 to 3200 equivalents, the Samsung WB50F is a smart camera with a clear long 12x optical zoom, soft flash, a 16MP CCD sensor, and advanced NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity

How Much Is The Samsung WB50F?

At the moment, no definite price has been announced for this model yet.Samsung WB50F

Now let’s have a look at some of the main positive aspects.

The Samsung WB50F comes in a charming and child-friendly design which means it can be used even by the youngest members of the family. The Tag & Go feature is definitely something to look forward to, connecting the camera and your smartphone by simply tapping them together. Since it utilizes Soft Flash, shooting in various lighting becomes much easier.

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