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Powerbot VR9000

3Adding more units to its range of household electronic products, Samsung has now unveiled a robot vacuum cleaner with Powerbot VR9000. With a cleaning speed at 0.32 m/sec, the Powerbot VR9000 is 60 times more powerful than the average vacuum cleaners. It has a charging time of 160 minutes and a battery life of approximately 60 minutes. It has 10 complex sensors and a camera mounted on the front. The Powerbot VR9000’s dust capacity is 0.7 liters while the width of its brush is 311 mm.

How Much?

The price of Powerbot VR9000 is not available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to get the cleaning done faster than the average would love to have the Powerbot VR9000. Likewise, for those who wanted to do other stuff while cleaning will also love this product. The Powerbot VR9000 can clean the room by itself. So, you can do other stuff while the Powerbot VR9000 does its job. Read the rest of this entry

Sony STR-DN1060

3The Sony STR-DN1060 is a 7.2-channel high-resolution Wi-Fi network A/V receiver for home theater systems that boasts Sony’s exclusive multi-room streaming system and provides support for 4K content playback and various automation capabilities.

How Much Is The Sony STR-DN1060?

The pricing for the Sony STR-DN1060 is still unavailable at the moment. As it nears its release date sometime close to the middle of the year, Sony is bound to make an announcement on how much it will be sold for.

Who Would Buy The Sony STR-DN1060?

This Sony product functions as an AV receiver, a digital player, and a network player. The fact that it is multifunctional already makes it attractive to many users who prefer practicality without sacrificing functionality and reliability. It is set for release in the second quarter of 2015, but already anticipation for it is very high. Read the rest of this entry

3With the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt, you can now use your smartphone as your key. It is made for everyone’s convenience and superior security, thanks to its touch to open functionality and Smartkey deadbolt cylinder.

How Much Is The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

This Bluetooth electronic lock is currently priced at $213.24

Who Would Buy The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

One can never put a price on safety and security. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity, and more and more people are becoming serious in investing in the security of their homes and places of business. The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt takes that one step further by offering conveniences and user-friendly features. Majority of the population now relies heavily on their smartphone for their everyday transactions, and integrating security with that technology through this Kwikset product definitely makes it a prized product for many. Read the rest of this entry

Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System

1The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System is a do-it-yourself home monitoring and control kit that comes with a cordless handset, window and door sensors, and a motion sensor.

How Much Is The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System?

This monitoring and control kit has a price of $249.95.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System?

Home security is becoming one of the aspects of home maintenance that people are willing to spend money on. They invest on expensive equipment to strengthen the security of their homes and to keep their family safe and sound. However, not everyone has pockets deep enough to be able to afford the high-end and ultra-expensive units, so they look for cheaper but just as effective alternatives. The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System is one of them. Read the rest of this entry

Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K

The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K is a premium Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones that also comes with NFC capability and support for aptX-enabled devices.

How Much?

This premium wireless headphones from Panasonic is priced at $199.99.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K?

1People are looking for more portable and more mobile music playback options, and headphones are also evolving to suit this lifestyle and meet this growing demand. Users who want to get more from their headphones – more than just a means to listen to music – will definitely appreciate the many other functionalities offered by this unit from Panasonic, from its connectivity features to its quality performance.

Things We Like About The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K

Portability is the main draw of many headphones, and the RP-BTD10-K offers that in spades. It has an on-ear design, so it is comfortable to use, even for prolonged periods. It is wireless, but it also comes with a detachable cord, so users can choose how to use it with convenience.

Storing it is also very convenient, thanks to its folding, swivel design. When stored, it does not take up a lot of space, and it is also protected from damage caused by improper storage. Read the rest of this entry

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