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Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model

9The impressive 65-inch curved screen of the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is probably the first thing that will catch your eye, but it has a lot more to offer. Samsung equipped it with its Auto Depth Enhancer technology as well as its Nano Crystal technology, and packed it with a Smart Hub as well as making it run on its new Tizen operating system.

How Much Is The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model?

The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is expected to sell for around $5,900.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model?

Curved screens are definitely starting to make waves, and more and more people are looking into making the shift from flat to curved screens. And for good reason, too, since these innovations are proving to be giving a marked improvement in one’s TV watching experience. People who are picky about what they watch and how they watch it are likely to make that switch, and the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is a good unit to do that switch with. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model

1Featuring Samsung’s curved LED screen display, the Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model measures a somewhat modest 48 inches, with 4K Ultra HD technology, which renders content in HD quality that is 4x the normal resolution of HD. It comes with the Smart TV feature, which allows access to the TV and App Store and various other functionalities.

How Much Is The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model?

The estimated price of the Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model once it comes out is somewhere around $3,900.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model?

Immersive viewing is what most people nowadays are looking for in their TV screens, regardless of the screen size. That could be accomplished with the quality of the resolution. But with the right design and aesthetics, achieving that aim is also made easier. Thus, Samsung is looking for more ways to make it possible for TV viewers the world over to achieve that immersive viewing experience they so desire.

Things We Like About The Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model

The new 48-inch high-end curved Ultra HD 4K LED LCD TV from Samsung is set to make waves, and we personally think it is a very promising unit. The curved design certainly makes for more immersive viewing, which is what most viewers are after. The curved design also easily reduces glare and reflections – usual complaints with flat screens. Read the rest of this entry

Sony  KDL-55W800C

1The Sony  KDL-55W800C LED HDTV is a Sony Android TV unit that is equipped with an X-Reality PRO picture engine and Motionflow XR 960. It also supports PS3 streaming and allows connectivity to Google Play, increasing content options.

How Much Is The Sony  KDL-55W800C?

At the moment, the price for the Sony  KDL-55W800C is still unavailable. Check back here for updates.

Who Would Buy The Sony  KDL-55W800C?

Sony has remained to be one of the most reliable names when it comes to TV technology, and it has earned quite a lot of loyal fans. Loyal users of Sony products will definitely be looking into purchasing this product, especially with its impressive list of features and specifications that fit their lifestyle and preferences. Gamers, in particular, will find this unit to be a good buy, considering how it allows PS3 streaming.

Things We Like About The Sony  KDL-55W800C

The first thing that we love about the Sony  KDL-55W800C is the extraordinary clarity and color that it offers. This is mostly thanks to its X-Reality PRO enhancement, further reinforced by Sony’s Motionflow XR 960 technology. This guarantees preciseness in the motion clarity of any video or content rendered on the 55-inch LCD screen. Read the rest of this entry

Sony  KDL-50W800C

1The Sony  KDL-50W800C LED HDTV ticks a lot of boxes in any TV lover’s list. It comes with outstanding features and technologies that guarantee each viewing experience to be pleasurable and highly enjoyable. Some of these features include the X-Reality PRO and Motionflow XR 960, as well as Android TV features.

How Much Is The Sony  KDL-50W800C?

The price for the Sony  KDL-50W800C is still under wraps. No announcements have been made at the moment.

Who Would Buy The Sony  KDL-50W800C?

They say that, with Sony TVs, you cannot go wrong. People who have experienced Sony’s reliability are sure to look forward to experiencing the same thing with the Sony  KDL-50W800C. This unit is going to be on top of the list of those who value high picture and video quality as well as reliability in its performance. While everyone is going 4K, this LED HDTV unit will still press the right buttons for those who have not yet fully subscribed to the 4K technology. Read the rest of this entry

Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

1In Sharp’s flagship line of 4K Ultra HD line, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is a standout. Aside from having a huge 70-inch screen display, it also boasts SPECTROS Rich Color Display technology, Smart Central 4.0, and a possible THX 4K certification. It also adopts the Android TV platform, providing access to Google Play and other features.

How Much Is The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is going to be sold for $3,199.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

For many people, there is no screen big enough to give them an immersive viewing experience. But with the 70-inch screen display of the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30, it is sure to provide a viewing experience unlike any other. Of course, there is also the 80-inch version, but there are those who will deem that to be too much, so they will naturally turn to this one. Read the rest of this entry

Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30

2Sharp is moving up the ranks and becoming a major contender in the 4K TV battlefield, with its latest 4K Ultra HD TV offerings. The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 boasts the latest 4K specs, which includes a quad-core processor and a new codec specifically designed for 4K playback.

How Much Is The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30?

This 4K UHD TV from Sharp will be sold at $1,999.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30?

When it comes to 4K, there are already the “usual suspects”, or the manufacturers that have already been churning out these units. Now that Sharp is joining the fray, so to speak, many are standing at attention, looking forward to what this new player has to offer. Sharp is also equated with quality, and there are a lot of people who are curious on how it fares when it comes to producing 4K Ultra HD televisions.

Things We Like About Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30

When you look at Sharp’s UE30 Series, you will immediately notice that the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 is the “smallest”. But that hardly matters, since it is still a whopping 60-inch screen which is, by no means, small. Read the rest of this entry

Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U

6“High resolution” seems to be the name of the game lately when it comes to televisions, and Sharp is taking it seriously, introducing new products that show a lot of promise. The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U is a 4K Ultra HD TV with a quad-core processor, a 43-inch display, and several 4K technologies that will make 4K lovers rub their hands in anticipation!

How Much Is The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U?

The selling price for this unit for Sharp is set at $749.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U?

Minimalists and people who like things simple are likely to go for the Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U. At 43 inches, it is small and compact, compared to the humongous units that are being manufactured by the major TV makers today. It is definitely space efficient, without compromising on audio and visual quality. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN88JS9500

1Bigger and smarter than ever, the Samsung UN88JS9500 comes with a whopping 88-inch display with Full Array LED backlight and hundreds of local dimming zones, Nano crystal technology and an eight-core central processor. It also runs on Samsung’s new operating system.

How Much Is The Samsung UN88JS9500?

The price of the Samsung UN88JS9500 is set at $22,999.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UN88JS9500?

These days, we can now get that full movie or theatrical experience even in the comfort of our own homes, and this is delivered more effectively by large screens. Of course, smart users refuse to settle for just any screen. It has to render images in a crystal clear, crisp and ultra-realistic manner. Samsung is stepping up its game in answering this increasing demand by coming out with its latest line of 4K UHD TVs, particularly the JS9500 series where the Samsung UN88JS9500 belongs to. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN65JS9500

1The Samsung UN65JS9500 is Samsung’s answer to OLED technology, pitting its SUHD LCD picture quality and nano crystal technology. It also comes with the OneConnect box and an octa-core processor. Its most noticeable feature, however, is its 65-inch curved screen.

How Much Is The Samsung UN65JS9500?

No definite price for the Samsung UN65JS9500 has been announced yet, but it is touted to be the most expensive line among the latest crop of TV releases from Samsung.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UN65JS9500?

Those who would like to have the “best and the latest” will definitely lust after the Samsung UN65JS9500. For lack of a better term, it can be described as a status symbol, since it is packed with all the best that Samsung has to offer – so far. Of course, the tide would most likely turn when they come up with another innovation – something newer, something better, and something definitely bigger. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN65JS8500

1The Samsung UN65JS8500 SUHD combines several technologies that Samsung excels in, including Nano Crystal technology and flat screen design. With this unit, Samsung has come up with an Ultra HD unit, but making it better and more HD than ever, hence the S in the SUHD. It also features a new Smart TV system powered by Samsung Tizen.

How Much Is The Samsung UN65JS8500?

Pricing for the Samsung UN65JS8500 SUHD TV is still unavailable.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UN65JS8500?

It is a fact that there are a lot of people who will never be satisfied, particularly in terms of the quality of viewing that they get from their TV screens. Therefore, when an opportunity – and a new innovative unit or model – comes out, promising a better and more immersive viewing experience, they will not hesitate to get a piece of the action. The “action” – in this case, the Samsung UN65JS8500 – is a very promising one, indeed.

Things We Like About The Samsung UN65JS8500

This TV is definitely smarter than ever, thanks to the all-new Smart TV operating system, which is powered by Tizen. This makes for a more user-friendly and clutter-free interface, easier access to more content, an alarm function, and greatly enhanced video sharing with Samsung smartphones. Read the rest of this entry

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