Sony PHA-1A

8Sony has recently released the Sony PHA-1A, a portable and lightweight amplifier. The Sony PHA-1A has a sleek and compact design that will surely amplify and boost the sound and music from your portable players.

How Much?

You can purchase the Sony PHA-1A for $299.99 on

Who Would Buy This?

People who loves music and who are always into impromptu partying at home will surely love the Sony PHA-1A. Those who enjoy blasting off sound from movies and videos will definitely love this portable and sleek DAC amplifier. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN65JS9000

2Setting a new standard in television viewing, Samsung has released again another member to its lineup of SUHD TV with the Samsung UN65JS9000. Similar with the other members of the SUHD TV range, the Samsung UN65JS9000 is also powered by the Samsung-exclusive operating system called Tizen. At 65-inch in screen size, this new SUHD has notable upgrades that will surely amaze the viewers.

How Much?

The pricing for the Samsung UN65JS9000 is not yet available as of this moment. If you wish to avail cheaper prices and great deals, check it out on Amazon.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to have the ultimate viewing experience at home will surely enjoy the Samsung UN65JS9000. Movie buffs will surely definitely adore the access to 4K video streaming services included on the Samsung UN65JS9000. On the other hand, gamers will also experience a closer-to-reality gaming experience with the Samsung UN65JS9000. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung  UN48JS9000

2Samsung has outdone themselves once again with their launching of the  “SUHD” TVs. Living up to their status as the leader in Home Entertainment, Samsung is bringing us the UN48JS9000. The middle child in one of the three series of high-end “SUHD” LCD TVs for 2015, the Samsung UN48JS9000 has a state-of-the-art curved screen with a textured ‘Shirring’ rear panel. If “Ultra HD” got our mouths hanging open in awe, “SUHD”  is here to transcend and even make our eyes bulge in wonder.  The “S” in SUHD is still up for much speculation and debate. However, many are already considering it for super, which is what this kind of TV looks and feels like.  The Samsung UN48JS9000 features an HDR support that aims to deliver remarkable brightness, outstanding contrast and significant colour. TV picture comes across as more polished, neater and more clear than its previous predecessors by Nano Crystal Technology. Also with Native 4K resolution, the Samsung UN48JS9000 has the Quantum Dot colour technology that delivers a more powerful and animated colour performance. Moreover, this SUHD has the Tizen operating system. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN48JS8500

1It seems like Samsung Electronics has a penchant for outdoing everyone and everybody, including themselves, in bringing premium technology.Truly the Leader in Home Entertainment, Samsung is bringing us this time, the Samsung JS8500, one of the three series of high-end SUHD LCD TVs for 2015. If we thought “Ultra HD” is the superstar embodiment in terms of tv viewing, “SUHD” is here to surpass and exceed our expectations. The Samsung JS8500 is featured with  quantom dots, 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160), Contrast Enhancer, Peak Illuminator Pro, Smart Interaction, UHD Dimming with Precision (Local Dimming), Voice Control, Smart Connectivity, Web Browser, UHD Upscaling, Smart Hub, Motion Ready with Camera Accessory, Apps & Games, TV to Mobile/ Mobile to TV Mirroring, Smart View App (Content Sharing+ 2nd TV+ App Casting) Connections. Plus, the Samsung JS8500, is the only one with a flat screen, contrary to the curved ones and the least-expensive among the three.

How Much?

Price for Samsung UN48JS8500 is not yet available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

For those who are searching for electronic appliances at the very edge of technology, the Samsung UN48JS8500 gives us  top-of-the-line TV viewing, raising the viewing experiences to a different new levels in premium UHD content. Providing superior picture quality, transcending the restriction of previous displays with phenomenal contrast, notable brightness and astonishing colour. With a new color system, it is enhanced further by Nano Crystal Technology, the picture comes across as more refined, cleaner and more defined than its previous forerunners. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UE55JS9000

1One of the leading brands in the home entertainment system, Samsung is now bringing the Samsung UE55JS9000. With PQI 2200, this 55-inch curved SUHD TV has the capacity to display videos at 3840 x 2160. You think the HD TV is the latest? Why not pay attention to the ulta high definition TV or the UHTV?

How Much?

The Samsung UE55JS9000 is priced at £3,099.99.

Who Would Buy This?

Movie buffs who love to see their favorite films at home would definitely love the Samsung UE55JS9000. This curved UHTV is 3D-ready, so seeing your favorite movies at home will be a few quick setups away. Moreover, gamers who would love to experience immersive gaming, the Samsung UE55JS9000 will deliver the best results with its Motion Ready capability. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V

1The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V combines many of every adventurer’s favorite things: a sports action camera, 4K quality, Wi-Fi and GPS functionalities, all packed in a heavy-duty high-performance body and a waterproof case.

How Much Is The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

This action cam from Sony has a suggested retail price of $499.00.

Who Would Buy The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

Sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors are now making it a point to document their activities and adventures using cameras. However, more often than not, what they are able to capture does not even come close to the real thing. It’s not clear enough, or the action is not captured as vividly as they want. Worse, the captured moments are not rendered as well as they had hoped. With the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V, those concerns are greatly minimized and even eliminated. They can now watch those adventures come to life over and over again, thanks to this action camera’s fool-proof performance. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

6In the past, smartphone watches were only seen in the movies. In recent years, however, they have become actual products, much to our delight. With the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B – Sony’s third smartwatch – we are given another treat, a smartphone watch that is powered by Android Wear.

How Much Is The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

The price for this smartphone watch is still unavailable at the moment.

Who Would Buy The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

Sometimes a smartphone can be described as an impersonal tool. The same could be said for a wristwatch. The combination of the two devices in this 3rd SmartWatch from Sony manages to deflect that, claiming that it provides a “contextual and personal” experience. Those who would like to get the functionalities of a smartphone and a wristwatch in one stylish unit will not think twice about getting this product.

Things We Like About The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

This particular unit boasts a “fitness” design, meaning it is something that active individuals would want when they are working out, running, or performing other physical fitness activities. Therefore, it is resistant to sweat and it is also waterproof.

But that does not mean it is limited for their use only. It is so stylish, so it will also work for others, even if they are not actively doing anything. Read the rest of this entry

Sony KDL-55W850C

1One of the stars of Sony’s latest 4K Ultra HD TV line is the Sony KDL-55W850C, a 55-inch LED Smart TV equipped with Sony’s X-Reality PRO video engine and Google’s Android TV operating system.

How Much Is The Sony KDL-55W850C?

Pricing information on the Sony KDL-55W850C has not yet been released. Watch this space for updates once it comes out.

Who Would Buy The Sony KDL-55W850C?

It is a fact that, attractive though the prospect is, 4K is not something that would be wanted by everyone. There are simply many people who are still not willing to pay for 4K UHD resolution in their TVs. However, they would still want the reliability that Sony’s processing system and technology has been known for. That is where the Sony KDL-55W850C comes in.

Things We Like About The Sony KDL-55W850C

We actually like the size of this LED TV from Sony. At 55 inches, it hits the mark between “too big” and “too small”. The picture quality rendered on the 1080p HD LED screen also does not disappoint. It has 14 picture modes that viewers can choose from to maximize their viewing experience. HD viewing is still on point, which does not come as a surprise, really. This is, after all, a Sony product. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V

1The latest crop of action cams in the market is certainly reshaping what we knew about action photography and video-taking. The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V is a perfect example of that. This new Action Cam from Sony is made for use on water, on air, and on earth – in practically any milieu where your adventures take place. With Full HD capability and SteadyShot image stabilization encased in a splash-proof heavy-duty body, it is clearly every adventurer’s handy handycam!

How Much Is The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V?

This premium all-action cam from Sony is priced at $299.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V?

Once they’ve had a taste, adventurers will definitely be on the lookout for the next challenge, and it no doubt has to be bigger, better, and more challenging than the previous one. Thus, they would need an action cam that can keep up with them. The outstanding Sony action cam, with its features and specifications, is sure to be the ticket they are looking for. Now they can step up their A-game, because their camera will also be doing the same. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung Portable SSD T1

1Everyone wants to be organized but streamlined, and portability is the answer. The Samsung Portable SSD T1 provides a convenient solution to problems on file organization, making data available to users at any time, anywhere, in a compact and stylish SSD. It comes in storage capacities of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB.

How Much Is The Samsung Portable SSD T1?

The T1, which comes in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB units, costs $179.00, $299.00, and $599, respectively.

Who Would Buy The Samsung Portable SSD T1?

It’s the information age, and we all want data and information to be on hand at all times. Professionals and students alike will definitely find the Portable SSD T1 a very handy partner to have. It is perfect for individuals who are always on the go and do not want to be bothered with bulky external hard drives. It’s a good thing the T1 is super tiny, but delivers in terms of speed and performance. And since it comes in 3 different storage capacities, users get to choose the unit most suited for their needs and preferences. Read the rest of this entry

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