Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II

5With the capability of storing 500 gigabytes (GB) to 1 terabyte (TB) of files at 5.4 ounces, Toshiba is now releasing its portable Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II. At 4.2 x 3 x 0.5 inches, the super slim hard drive is sleeked with aluminum design with different colors to choose from (including black & silver). The Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II is preformatted using NTFS or New Technology File System. It offers secure and protected file storage system at a speed of 5400 rpm. The lightweight hard drive is also equipped with backup and recovery password-protected encryption. Compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems, the Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II is also perfect with Pogo plug and ultrabooks™ as it also has an additional of 10 GB of free cloud storage.

How Much?

At $65.48, you can now get Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II at

Who Would Buy This?

The Toshiba Hard Drive Canvio® Connect II is great for people who own ultrabooks, which mostly has lesser storage capacity. With this compact and lightweight hard drive, ultrabook users won’t experience hassles when it comes to carrying this very lightweight and slim hard drive. Plus, the additional 10GB of cloud storage shouldn’t be something that must be ignored. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet

4Sony, with its long standing reputation for top-of-the-line gadgets, now boasts a Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet Compact with an 8-inch multi-touch screen.  Powered by the Triluminous™ display for mobile, the Sony SGP612 Tablet is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors.  It is built on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) operating system with a Qualcom® Snapdragon™ 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also has 32 gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity with an internal battery capable of storing 4500 mAh, which is estimated to run for an average of 8 hours.  The tablet is slim and very light at 270g. The SGP612 tablet is also water resistant and dust proof.

How Much?

Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet is priced at $422.17-$500 at

Who Would Buy This?

For people on the go who wants a portable, easy–to-use tablet with a great camera, this one’s perfect. This is also perfect for a traveller who needs a compact and slim tablet. Also for gamers who wants a portable screen for their Play Station 4, which is something that is not commonly found on other Android tablets. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung WW9000 Washing Machine

2Samsung, with its innovation for world- class technology, now brings us the Samsung WW9000 Washing Machine. It is loaded with a washing capacity of up to 10kg, with 1600rpm max spin speed and has an energy efficiency rating of A+++. Looking nothing like an ordinary washing machine, the Samsung WW9000 has a futuristic appeal that goes hand in hand with its top-of-the-line features. The Samsung WW9000 has vast programmes to offer and so many options to choose from that makes laundry such a breeze. Buttons and dials on an average washing machine are replaced with touchscreen control that lets you select from various washing modes. Moreover, the WW9000 can also be managed through the Samsung Smart Washer app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How Much?

Price for Samsung WW9000 is not yet available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

For those searching for domestic appliances at the very edge of technology, the Samsung WW9000 is a top-tier premium machine.  For people with a love for minimalism, the WW9000 is a great addition with its sleek, curvy and deep crystal blue finish. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung Flex Duo Range (NE59J7850WS)

4Samsung, with its advanced innovation for top-of-the-line domestic appliances now brings us the Samsung Flex Duo Range NE59J7850WS. Boasting a 5.9 cubic foot capacity, the Samsung NE59J7850WS can be used as a single or double oven. It has a “Dual Door” feature that allows the users to open just the top half of the oven. And because of its Flex Duo technology, it can be divided into two ovens with a 2.6 cubic foot capacity  for upper portion and 3.1 cubic foot capacity for lower section. It has five burners up top for electric cooking that include a bridge burner and a burner that you can easily adjust in three different sizes. With its stainless steel finish, the Samsung NE59J7850WS adds sophistication to your home.

How Much?

Pricing is currently unavailable at this time.

Who would buy this?

This would be a great addition to a restaurant’s kitchen for preparing delectable to a connoisseur of food. Chefs, wanna be chefs, people who want to learn to cook – this is one mighty tool to add to your culinary journey. Read the rest of this entry

Powerbot VR9000

3Adding more units to its range of household electronic products, Samsung has now unveiled a robot vacuum cleaner with Powerbot VR9000. With a cleaning speed at 0.32 m/sec, the Powerbot VR9000 is 60 times more powerful than the average vacuum cleaners. It has a charging time of 160 minutes and a battery life of approximately 60 minutes. It has 10 complex sensors and a camera mounted on the front. The Powerbot VR9000’s dust capacity is 0.7 liters while the width of its brush is 311 mm.

How Much?

The price of Powerbot VR9000 is not available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to get the cleaning done faster than the average would love to have the Powerbot VR9000. Likewise, for those who wanted to do other stuff while cleaning will also love this product. The Powerbot VR9000 can clean the room by itself. So, you can do other stuff while the Powerbot VR9000 does its job. Read the rest of this entry

Sony STR-DN1060

3The Sony STR-DN1060 is a 7.2-channel high-resolution Wi-Fi network A/V receiver for home theater systems that boasts Sony’s exclusive multi-room streaming system and provides support for 4K content playback and various automation capabilities.

How Much Is The Sony STR-DN1060?

The pricing for the Sony STR-DN1060 is still unavailable at the moment. As it nears its release date sometime close to the middle of the year, Sony is bound to make an announcement on how much it will be sold for.

Who Would Buy The Sony STR-DN1060?

This Sony product functions as an AV receiver, a digital player, and a network player. The fact that it is multifunctional already makes it attractive to many users who prefer practicality without sacrificing functionality and reliability. It is set for release in the second quarter of 2015, but already anticipation for it is very high. Read the rest of this entry

Sony KDL-65W850C

2Look past the 65-inch LED screen of the Sony KDL-65W850C and you will immediately realize that you have something special in this elegant and sleek-looking HDTV from Sony’s latest line of TV offerings.

How Much Is The Sony KDL-65W850C?

Pricing information on this particular product has not yet been released by Sony as of this writing.

Who Would Buy The Sony KDL-65W850C?

While it is true that the latest trend in TV technology seems to be 4K, not everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon. However, they expect high quality and high degree of reliability from their unit, even if it does not have 4K technology attached to it. That is why they are likely to turn to the Sony KDL-65W850C. Its features more than make up for the fact that it does not have 4K. Read the rest of this entry

Sony HDR-PJ440

1The Sony HDR-PJ440 is not your ordinary handycam, since it comes with a built-in projector and integrated image stabilization system. It features an Exmor R CMOS sensor and a Zeiss 30x Optical Zoom Lens. On top of that, it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled.

How Much Is The Sony HDR-PJ440?

This camcorder, complete with an 8GB internal memory, has a price of $399.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony HDR-PJ440?

You’ve seen them before: they buy a camcorder, and then purchase a projector separately. That is what this unit effectively does away with, since you will get two functionalities in one package. This will definitely save a lot of money, not to mention space as well as effort when this camcorder has to be carried around. Read the rest of this entry

Sony  MEX-XB100BT

5The Sony  MEX-XB100BT is a high-powered 100-watt Bluetooth car stereo reinforced with a 4-channel class-D amplifier and premium features such as sound synchronization, Mega Bass, and ClearAudio+ technology.

How Much Is The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Pricing information for the Sony  MEX-XB100BT is still unavailable as of this date.

Who Would Buy The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Anyone who appreciates reliable and high performance from a powerful portable audio device will surely appreciate the cutting-edge features and technologies packed into the Sony  MEX-XB100BT.

Things We Like About The Sony  MEX-XB100BT

Car stereos have certainly come a very long way, and that is thanks to the innovations thought up by manufacturers. The Sony  MEX-XB100BT, for example, is one of those innovative products, offering something better, something bigger, and something new. Read the rest of this entry

3With the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt, you can now use your smartphone as your key. It is made for everyone’s convenience and superior security, thanks to its touch to open functionality and Smartkey deadbolt cylinder.

How Much Is The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

This Bluetooth electronic lock is currently priced at $213.24

Who Would Buy The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

One can never put a price on safety and security. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity, and more and more people are becoming serious in investing in the security of their homes and places of business. The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt takes that one step further by offering conveniences and user-friendly features. Majority of the population now relies heavily on their smartphone for their everyday transactions, and integrating security with that technology through this Kwikset product definitely makes it a prized product for many. Read the rest of this entry

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