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The Samsung RH22H9010SR, also known as the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator boasts a “showcase and innercase” door system for food storage and organization, Samsung’s Metal Cooling Plate technology, 6 Showcase Door Bins with 2 slide-out drawers, and an indoor icemaker.

How Much?

This Samsung innovation is not yet out in the market, and no price has been formally announced just yet.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator


Who Would Buy This?

Homemakers and people who are engaged in the food industry will definitely want to have the Samsung Fo

od Showcase Refrigerator in their kitchens, since it offers a lot of convenience when it comes to storing and organizing food. Since its functions go way beyond simply freezing or chilling food items and also serves as an easy way to  sort through them, as well as display or “showcase” them, this is deemed to be an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Things We Like

The design of the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator is the first thing that you would like about it once you lay eyes on it. Its sleek metal doors speak of elegance, and when you open it, you discover a secondary door that opens to inner shelves located within the door. That’s a lot of storage space right there, since you will also be able to keep food within the door!

The Metal Cooling Plate technology is also something to like about this unit. The problem with other refrigerators is how the temperature fluctuates, especially with frequent opening and closing of the doors. That’s not going to be a problem here, since the cooling guard keeps the temperature at an optimal level.

When buying major appliances, warranty is almost always a deal-breaker. That’s why we appreciate the 10-year warranty provided for this refrigerator’s Digital Inverter Compressor. Plus, you can also save on the separate cost of an icemaker, since the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator already comes with an indoor Icemaker!

Things We Don’t Like

Judging from the sneak peeks and feature listings of the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator, it is highly doubtful that it will have anything that we would complain about. Let’s wait until it is finally released in the market.


Aside from the 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor, no other information regarding product warranty and guarantees have been released at this time.

Is It Worth The Money?

Samsung is certainly opening new doors when it comes to kitchen and home appliances, and there is no doubt that the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator is worth investing your hard-earned money on!

Where Can I Buy?

Expect the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator to hit the Samsung store, as well as your major appliance stores once it is released. Online merchants such as Amazon are good places to purchase your unit, since there is a high probability of getting discounts and great deals, including Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts

Do yourself – and your kitchen – a favor by getting the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator. It’ll make your life much easier, and add more character to your kitchen!

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