1One of the leading brands in the home entertainment system, Samsung is now bringing the Samsung UE55JS9000. With PQI 2200, this 55-inch curved SUHD TV has the capacity to display videos at 3840 x 2160. You think the HD TV is the latest? Why not pay attention to the ulta high definition TV or the UHTV?

How Much?

The Samsung UE55JS9000 is priced at £3,099.99.

Who Would Buy This?

Movie buffs who love to see their favorite films at home would definitely love the Samsung UE55JS9000. This curved UHTV is 3D-ready, so seeing your favorite movies at home will be a few quick setups away. Moreover, gamers who would love to experience immersive gaming, the Samsung UE55JS9000 will deliver the best results with its Motion Ready capability.

Things We Like

  • The Samsung UE55JS9000 is equipped with two TV tuners, which allows you to record live TV!
  • The Ultra Clear Pro panel is a great addition especially when you are watching a video under a bright light.
  • Powered by the Tizen operating system, playing PlayStation™ Now games is possible with the Samsung UE55JS9000.
  • Its Smart Hub feature is redesigned to a more responsive ergonomics removing the clutters of the previous versions.
  • Equipped with quantum dot technology, the Samsung UE55JS9000 is capable of giving striking brightness and stunning contrast.
  • It has a refresh rate of 2,200 Hz and can convert 2D images to 3D images.
  • With built-in wireless technology, enjoy surfing the net in front this UHD TV.
  • The Samsung UE55JS9000 can be controlled using any iOS and Android devices.
  • The Samsung UE55JS9000 gives access to Netflix, Lovefilm, ITV Player, Demand 5, 4OD, and BBC iPlayer.
  • It has 4 USB ports to record and play from an external USB stick and flash drives.
  • The Multi-link screen is a great feature on the Samsung UE55JS9000.
  • It has the octa-core processor and the Samsung UE55JS9000 has the capability to understand voice interaction.
  • The Samsung UE55JS9000 has the Auto Depth Enhancer that will give a crisp display.
  • The addition of the instant on feature is also one of the best things to add up on the Samsung UE55JS9000.
  • The nano-crystal technology embedded on the Samsung UE55JS9000 delivers a more true-to-life videos and images.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The downside to the Samsung UE55JS9000 is its price. It’s a bit pricey.
  • The camera for video calling via Skype is optional. It would have been better if the camera is built in so there will be less hassle when doing video calls.


Samsung offers a 1 year warranty to its Samsung UE55JS9000.

Is It Worth The Money?

With the ultimate viewing experience, the Samsung UE55JS9000 is definitely worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?

The Samsung UE55JS9000 is available at different official and accredited Samsung stores around the globe. For better deals, check it out on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE55JS9000 will surely give the ultimate movie and gaming experience to users. With the UHD resolution and UHD upscalling, the Samsung is again proving that they are one of the leaders in home entertainment system.

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