9The impressive 65-inch curved screen of the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is probably the first thing that will catch your eye, but it has a lot more to offer. Samsung equipped it with its Auto Depth Enhancer technology as well as its Nano Crystal technology, and packed it with a Smart Hub as well as making it run on its new Tizen operating system.

How Much Is The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model?

The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is expected to sell for around $5,900.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model?

Curved screens are definitely starting to make waves, and more and more people are looking into making the shift from flat to curved screens. And for good reason, too, since these innovations are proving to be giving a marked improvement in one’s TV watching experience. People who are picky about what they watch and how they watch it are likely to make that switch, and the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is a good unit to do that switch with.

Things We Like About The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model

At 65 inches, the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model is just the right size. It is not too small (which some users think of the 48-inch unit or the 55-inch unit) and not too big, either. Truly, we appreciate how Samsung – and other TV manufacturers, for that matter – think about giving customers a lot of options when it comes to the size.

The curved LED LCD screen of this 4K television truly makes every watch a worthwhile experience. Of course, it is enhanced even further by Samsung’s Nano Crystal technology, which results in a broader and wider color gamut.

The High Dynamic Range feature of the screen results to a more efficient performance of the unit, so it gets the thumbs up of eco-conscious users everywhere. The edge LED lighting also enhances the viewing experience even more.

This unit also comes with two remotes and features the One Connect Box of Samsung. We also like how it is powered by Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model

So far, we are liking what we are seeing in the new Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model.


Samsung has attached a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee for the Samsung UE48JS9000 UK Model.

Is The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model Worth The Money?

Considering how you will get reliable performance from a high quality unit by a world renowned leader in television, there is no doubt that this is one unit worth spending your money on.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model?

If you are wondering where you could find the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model, just head to the nearest electronics store near you. Samsung’s stores will also have it available. Another option would be to hunt for them in online stores. Amazon comes highly recommended for its good prices as well as its promos, such as Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model

Making a choice can be a daunting task, considering how there are a lot of TV options currently available in the market. However, with the Samsung UE65JS9000 UK Model, choosing is definitely made easier!

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