1It seems like Samsung Electronics has a penchant for outdoing everyone and everybody, including themselves, in bringing premium technology.Truly the Leader in Home Entertainment, Samsung is bringing us this time, the Samsung JS8500, one of the three series of high-end SUHD LCD TVs for 2015. If we thought “Ultra HD” is the superstar embodiment in terms of tv viewing, “SUHD” is here to surpass and exceed our expectations. The Samsung JS8500 is featured with  quantom dots, 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160), Contrast Enhancer, Peak Illuminator Pro, Smart Interaction, UHD Dimming with Precision (Local Dimming), Voice Control, Smart Connectivity, Web Browser, UHD Upscaling, Smart Hub, Motion Ready with Camera Accessory, Apps & Games, TV to Mobile/ Mobile to TV Mirroring, Smart View App (Content Sharing+ 2nd TV+ App Casting) Connections. Plus, the Samsung JS8500, is the only one with a flat screen, contrary to the curved ones and the least-expensive among the three.

How Much?

Price for Samsung UN48JS8500 is not yet available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

For those who are searching for electronic appliances at the very edge of technology, the Samsung UN48JS8500 gives us  top-of-the-line TV viewing, raising the viewing experiences to a different new levels in premium UHD content. Providing superior picture quality, transcending the restriction of previous displays with phenomenal contrast, notable brightness and astonishing colour. With a new color system, it is enhanced further by Nano Crystal Technology, the picture comes across as more refined, cleaner and more defined than its previous forerunners.

Things We Like

  • Due in part to exclusive deals, when you buy the  JS8500, you get access to

4K streaming video services  more than other brands.

  • With Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premim Sound| 5.1 Decoding.
  • The Samsung UN48JS8500 contains a Smart Touch Remote Control, 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150 GB), and One connect Box.
  • The Samsung UN48JS8500 has Edge- Lit lighting, which is a step-up in terms of black levels and mainly peak whites and light flow through colors.
  • Contrast is also a very strong suit with these SUHD Samsung TVs.
  • You get a much more better picture with the Samsung JS8500 because it analyzes the incoming signal, applies video noise reduction techniques, and scales up the lower resolution signal.
  • The UN48JS8500 SUHD TV has the exclusive Tizen operating system, an open-source platform that supports the web standard for TV app development.
  • The Samsung UN48JS8500 is the least-expensive of the three SUHD TV series.

Things We Don’t Like

The Samsung  UN48JS8500 is missing a few extras compared to the two other higher-end series of the “SUHD” TVs.  It has a quad-core processor, as opposed to 8 core.  Other than that, the Samsung JS8500 is excellent.

Where Can I Buy?

As of now, no word on pricing or availability for the Samsung UN48JS8500 “SUHD” TV.

Final Thoughts

With the “SUHD” TV, it will redefine one’s  entertainment experience with a lot of features to offer. Truly the leader in Home Entertainment, bringing us world-class technology for years. The Samsung UN48JS8500 will definitely boost up your home entertainment system.

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