2Samsung has outdone themselves once again with their launching of the  “SUHD” TVs. Living up to their status as the leader in Home Entertainment, Samsung is bringing us the UN48JS9000. The middle child in one of the three series of high-end “SUHD” LCD TVs for 2015, the Samsung UN48JS9000 has a state-of-the-art curved screen with a textured ‘Shirring’ rear panel. If “Ultra HD” got our mouths hanging open in awe, “SUHD”  is here to transcend and even make our eyes bulge in wonder.  The “S” in SUHD is still up for much speculation and debate. However, many are already considering it for super, which is what this kind of TV looks and feels like.  The Samsung UN48JS9000 features an HDR support that aims to deliver remarkable brightness, outstanding contrast and significant colour. TV picture comes across as more polished, neater and more clear than its previous predecessors by Nano Crystal Technology. Also with Native 4K resolution, the Samsung UN48JS9000 has the Quantum Dot colour technology that delivers a more powerful and animated colour performance. Moreover, this SUHD has the Tizen operating system.

How Much?

Price for Samsung JS8500 is not yet available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

For those who want to bring another phase in TV picture quality in their homes, the Samsung UN48JS9000 is an excellent choice of elevating our viewing experience to a whole new spectrum in premium UHD content.  The perfect accessory in a home for people with a love for minimalism, with its curved screen and sophisticated finish.

Things We Like

  • You get access to 4K streaming video services that includes Netflix and Amazon, and also offers Comcast, DirecTV and M-Go (although it requires Samsung’s UHD video packs to allow downloads of select 4K movies) more than any other brand, due in part to exclusive deals.
  • It features an Octa Core processing brains replacing the Quad Core processors that are used in previous high-end Samsung TVs.
  • The native 4K resolution is phenomenal especially in dark areas and color contrast is spectacular.
  • With a curved screen, you feel immersed and you experience a wider field of view.
  • Comprise of a Smart Touch Remote Control, 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150 GB), and One connect Box that allows upgrades of both processing and connectivity.

Things We Don’t Like

Being the middle child of these high-end three series, the Samsung UN48JS9000 lacks the full- array backlight found on its eldest, the JS9500 nor does it have the model’s chamfered bezel.

The Samsung UN48JS9000 is still, after all, an LED LCD TV, so better expect all of the flaws of that particular technology.  Samsung has not yet announce its pricing of these “SUHD” TVs, however, one would believe that it would have an exorbitant price. On othe hand, the Skpe Camera can be an extra cost add-on accessory rather than having it built-into the top of the tv.

Where Can I Buy?

Currently, no word on pricing or availability for the Samsung UN48JS9000 “SUHD” TV.

Final Thoughts

The “SUHD” TV is set to reinvent one’s viewing experience, armed with two major new technologies for Samsung: high dynamic range (HDR) playback, and the Quantom Dot colour reproduction.  Samsung is setting again a new standard in Home Entertainment.

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