1The Samsung UN65JS8500 SUHD combines several technologies that Samsung excels in, including Nano Crystal technology and flat screen design. With this unit, Samsung has come up with an Ultra HD unit, but making it better and more HD than ever, hence the S in the SUHD. It also features a new Smart TV system powered by Samsung Tizen.

How Much Is The Samsung UN65JS8500?

Pricing for the Samsung UN65JS8500 SUHD TV is still unavailable.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UN65JS8500?

It is a fact that there are a lot of people who will never be satisfied, particularly in terms of the quality of viewing that they get from their TV screens. Therefore, when an opportunity – and a new innovative unit or model – comes out, promising a better and more immersive viewing experience, they will not hesitate to get a piece of the action. The “action” – in this case, the Samsung UN65JS8500 – is a very promising one, indeed.

Things We Like About The Samsung UN65JS8500

This TV is definitely smarter than ever, thanks to the all-new Smart TV operating system, which is powered by Tizen. This makes for a more user-friendly and clutter-free interface, easier access to more content, an alarm function, and greatly enhanced video sharing with Samsung smartphones.

Color and image quality of the Samsung UN65JS8500 is very impressive, and that is largely thanks to its quantum dots, or Samsung’s nano crystal technology. The images appearing on the 65-inch flat screen are much brighter, and the color gamut definitely wider.

Unlike its contemporaries, the Samsung UN65JS8500 is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The curved models are a tad pricey, so the Samsung UN65JS8500 wins for price efficiency, especially for those who are operating on a tight budget.

Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung UN65JS8500

The video sharing with smartphones capability is a very good feature; it would have been even better if it is not limited to sharing with Samsung phones, and instead allows video sharing with other smartphones.


The details of product and labor warranty for the Samsung UN65JS8500 are still unknown, but rest assured that Samsung will keep its consumers protected by providing one.

Is The Samsung UN65JS8500 Worth The Money?

The Samsung UN65JS8500 comes at a fairly reasonable price, considering its remarkable features. We do not see ourselves having regrets spending money on this one.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN65JS8500?

The Samsung UN65JS8500 will be available in stores that sell authentic Samsung products. Or if purchasing online is more your thing, Amazon is an excellent site that you should check out. You may also get more value for your money since this unit may be eligible for Amazon’s Free Shipping program. Who knows, you might even score it at a discount!

Final Thoughts For The Samsung UN65JS8500

As a 4K SUHD TV, the Samsung UN65JS8500 is undoubtedly going to be one of the favorites once it is released. This early, it is already appearing in many must-have-TV lists!

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