2Setting a new standard in television viewing, Samsung has released again another member to its lineup of SUHD TV with the Samsung UN65JS9000. Similar with the other members of the SUHD TV range, the Samsung UN65JS9000 is also powered by the Samsung-exclusive operating system called Tizen. At 65-inch in screen size, this new SUHD has notable upgrades that will surely amaze the viewers.

How Much?

The pricing for the Samsung UN65JS9000 is not yet available as of this moment. If you wish to avail cheaper prices and great deals, check it out on Amazon.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to have the ultimate viewing experience at home will surely enjoy the Samsung UN65JS9000. Movie buffs will surely definitely adore the access to 4K video streaming services included on the Samsung UN65JS9000. On the other hand, gamers will also experience a closer-to-reality gaming experience with the Samsung UN65JS9000.

Things We Like

  • Movies that are formatted in 3D technology are possible with the 3D Ready technology equipped in the Samsung UN65JS9000. You will surely enjoy the 6 pairs of 3D glasses when you buy the Samsung UN65JS9000.
  • Thanks to the Nano Crystal Technology, color display in the Samsung UN65JS9000 has improved incredibly. It has a wider color gamut allowing the Samsung UN65JS9000 to deliver a clearer, cleaner, and more defined display.
  • The Samsung UN65JS9000 is much faster than its predecessors because of its enhanced refresh rate at 240Hz. Navigating on the TV is a piece of cake. It has faster processing speed, way better than the older versions.
  • The UI for the Samsung Smart TV or Smart Hub in the Samsung UN65JS9000 has become more responsive.
  • The black touchpad on the Remote Control of the Samsung UN65JS9000 is light and it’s super easy to navigate.
  • The Samsung UN65JS9000 steps up its flow of light with the help of the Edge-Lit LED lighting technology. This is an exceptional feature especially when dealing with the natural light on the doors of your private viewing room.

Things We Don’t Like

The UHD dimming system equipped in the Samsung UN65JS9000 is not as good as the Micro Dimming technology it had with the other models. It doesn’t have the full array of dimming and because of that it has a big impact on the contrast quality of the image or the video.


With Samsung being considered as one of the top in terms of home entertainment system, you definitely won’t be so worried about the guarantee to buy the Samsung UN65JS9000.

Is It Worth The Money?

With an SUHD TV that is 3D ready, access to thousands of streaming movies, super crisp display, who will say that that the UN65JS9000 isn’t worth the money? The Samsung UN65JS9000 will surely guarantee every pound you spend.

Where Can I Buy?

Expect the Samsung UN65JS9000 to be available at official Samsung stores and accredited retailers around the globe soon.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a new standard in home entertainment system, the Samsung UN65JS9000 is definitely one of the best things to add up to your home this 2015. You will surely enjoy the ultimate HD viewing experience with the Samsung UN65JS9000.

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