1Bigger and smarter than ever, the Samsung UN88JS9500 comes with a whopping 88-inch display with Full Array LED backlight and hundreds of local dimming zones, Nano crystal technology and an eight-core central processor. It also runs on Samsung’s new operating system.

How Much Is The Samsung UN88JS9500?

The price of the Samsung UN88JS9500 is set at $22,999.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung UN88JS9500?

These days, we can now get that full movie or theatrical experience even in the comfort of our own homes, and this is delivered more effectively by large screens. Of course, smart users refuse to settle for just any screen. It has to render images in a crystal clear, crisp and ultra-realistic manner. Samsung is stepping up its game in answering this increasing demand by coming out with its latest line of 4K UHD TVs, particularly the JS9500 series where the Samsung UN88JS9500 belongs to.

Things We Like About The Samsung UN88JS9500

Get that “big screen” feel right in your home with the very impressive 88-inch screen display of the Samsung UN88JS9500. But size is not the only great thing about this unit. It features Samsung’s Fill Array LED backlight, which means it has hundreds of local dimming zones. It also has a High Dynamic Range with a peak brightness of almost 300 ft. lamberts.

Add to that the amazing things that Samsung’s Nano Crystal technology can do, and you have high image quality of any content, even those that are streamed into the screen. The color gamut is visibly wider, and motion clarity much more precise.

This is one stylish unit, thanks largely to Samsung using a design featuring a recessed silver “chamfered bezel”.

But the power of the Samsung UN88JS9500 is much owed to its eight-core, also known as OctoCore, processor. The user interface is significantly easier and more user-friendly, and the Tizen operating system makes it a breeze to operate.

Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung UN88JS9500

For its size and features, the Samsung UN88JS9500 is expected to come at a hefty price. However, many may find the price of $22,999.00 to be beyond their price range.


Although no official terms or details have been announced yet with respect to the guarantee or warranty applicable to this product, it is certain that Samsung will provide the necessary protection for its customers.

Is The Samsung UN88JS9500 Worth The Money?

From what we know of the product so far, it seems to be a good buy and well worth the money. It wouldn’t hurt, however, if it was made cheaper by a few thousand dollars.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN88JS9500?

If you go to stores selling TVs and various electronics products, you are sure to find the Samsung UN88JS9500. But for those who find it more convenient to shop online, Amazon is a good site to do so. They have competitive prices for various products, and even make them eligible for free shipping and other discounts.

Final Thoughts For The Samsung UN88JS9500

If you are looking for proof that Samsung means serious business in leading the TV pack, then the Samsung UN88JS9500 is more than enough evidence of that.

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