Samsung_WAM75006500_Portable_4886729It looks like Samsung is making a point: that it is a force to reckon with when it comes to audio technology with its latest multi-room speaker, the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker. Featuring Samsung’s exclusive Ring Radiator technology, this portable unit boasts a 360-degree sound pattern for balanced audio and smooth frequency levels.

How Much Is The Samsung WAM 6500?

There is no word yet on the price of the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker.

Who Would Buy The Samsung WAM 6500?

There is now an increasing demand for audio products that guarantee an immersive sound experience without having to deal with massive units or devices. The Samsung WAM 6500 comes at an opportune time, boasting Samsung’s sound innovations.

Things We Like About The Samsung WAM 6500

A standout feature of the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker is Samsung’s proprietary Ring Radiator technology, which essentially blasts sound from the speaker to all directions. This is just like “surround sound”, but much better. As a result, bass and treble sounds are more balanced. The 360-degree sound pattern produced by this unit is an excellent complement to the solid and highly satisfying sound quality that it emits.

While it is true that the Samsung WAM 6500 is labeled as a multi-room speaker, it is still small enough to be portable, so it can be conveniently taken pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It is designed with a handle to facilitate handling, and it also comes with a rechargeable battery – perfect for when you have to be on the go but do not want to be parted from your speaker.

The Samsung WAM 6500 also features the new Samsung Multiroom Android app, which is significantly an improved and better version of the current app in place. The interface is much more user-friendly and, yes, flashy and colorful, without losing any of the functionality that we have come to enjoy from the old app.

Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung WAM 6500

So far, we are loving what we are seeing and reading about the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker. Once it is released, we will be able to look deeper into its pros and cons.


Samsung is most likely to release the full details of the applicable warranty and guarantees for this product once it is available for sale.

Is The Samsung WAM 6500 Worth The Money?

With the Samsung WAM 6500, it’s like getting two products for the price of one: you have a multi-room speaker for your home, and you also get to enjoy it as a portable speaker! That more than makes it worth buying!

Where Can I Buy The Samsung WAM 6500?

You are sure to find the Samsung WAM 6500 at your favorite audio and electronic retail stores. Of course, it is also going to be available in accredited and legitimate online stores, such as Amazon. It is a particularly good site, since it offers quality products at great prices, coupled with excellent deals, such as Free Shipping and discounts!

Final Thoughts For The Samsung WAM 6500

The Samsung WAM 6500 is only one of the many signs that Samsung is bringing it’s A-game when it comes to audio products. It is definitely one to watch out for!

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