Product ReviewSamsung WB1100F

The Samsung WB1100F is a handheld zoom camera from Samsung’s WB series, which features the company’s new ‘Tag & Go’ feature, a 35x optical zoom with Speed Control Key, a 16.2 effective megapixel CCD sensor, and 25mm wide angle lens.

How Much?

At the moment, pricing for this product has not yet been announced.Samsung WB1100F

Who Would Buy This?

The Samsung WB1100F handheld camera is the perfect choice for adventurous photographers, or frequent travelers who want to capture every detail of their trips or adventures in pictures and immediately share them to family and friends. With its outstanding zoom capability and advanced NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can do exactly that with this camera.

Things We Like

While travelling or going on adventure trips, doesn’t it frustrate you how you wish you can get a shot of the scenery or panorama, but your camera just doesn’t have enough zoom capabilities? And even if you zoom it up to maximum, the resulting image becomes blurry or grainy. The Samsung WB1100FF easily solves that problem, with its impressive 35x optical zoom, with optical and digital image stabilization system, so you won’t have to worry about blurry images. Another great thing about the Zoom feature is the addition of the Speed Control Key. This way, moving through the various zoom levels is very easy and speedy, so you won’t miss a single thing when taking pictures.

Samsung really broke new ground when it comes to connectivity when it introduced the Tag & Go feature. There is no need for any manual setups when you want to transfer images from your camera to your smartphone. All you have to do is tap the two together, and you can immediately use the various Tag & Go features available to you. You don’t even have to worry about backing them up, because with AutoShare, your photos will be automatically backed up during the transfer!

 Things We Don’t Like

Since the Samsung WB1100F camera is not yet released and we’ve only been given a sneak peek, we still cannot give a definite answer on what its less than desirable features are.


Information on warranties applicable to the Samsung WB1100F is yet to be announced by the manufacturer at the moment.

 Is It Worth The Money?

With a 35x optical zoom, coupled with the ultra user-friendly Speed Control Key, imagine all the wonderful photos and panoramic captures that you can take with you during your travels and adventures!

 Where Can I Buy?

Once the Samsung WB1100F is finally released, expect it to be available for sale anywhere selling Samsung products, including the Samsung online store. Of course, you can also opt to purchase it from other online merchants, and the best choice would be Amazon, where you can also get it with free shipping!

 Final Thoughts

Nothing will be too far if you have the Samsung WB1100F with you. Make every adventure count, and preserve every memory with this new, and undoubtedly amazing, offering from Samsung!

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