Product ReviewSamsung WB35F

The Samsung WB35F is one of the newest members of Samsung’s WB family of smart cameras. With a 12X optical zoom, 16-Megapixel CCD sensor, Optical Image Stabilization, and NFC/Wi-Fi connectivity, users will be able to capture sharply defined and vibrant images with every shot. Samsung WB35F

How Much?

At the moment, no price for the Samsung WB35F has been announced yet.

Who Would Buy This?

The Samsung WB35F is the perfect camera for photographers who are always on the go and want a camera that delivers stunning and non-blurry images, even from a long distance. Those who won’t settle for anything less than HD will also fall in love with the HQ quality of the video recording mode of this camera. This is also a promising choice for those who are looking for a camera with wireless connectivity without  breaking the bank.

Things We Like

As expected from Samsung, the Samsung WB35F offers sharp detail and definition as well as color vibrancy in its captured images. But what we really liked about this model is how it allows you to enjoy long zoom capabilities without having to tote a large and bulky camera. It’s very portable and even comes in various stylish colors, so you can bring it with you anywhere.

Having the latest NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity is a definite plus in this model’s favor, and that is mainly because of its ‘Tag & Go’ feature. As the name implies, all you have to do is tag your camera with any smartphone or Android device by touching them together, then you can go on and start enjoying its user-friendly functionalities such as transferring images, backing them up automatically, and even setting up shots then sharing them. Wireless networking also provides support for remote live view, which turns your smartphone into a viewfinder that you can easily use to control the camera.

Another feature worthy of note about the Samsung WB35F is its video mode capability, which can capture HD video recordings and render them in equally high definition quality.

Things We Don’t Like

Since the Samsung WB35F is yet to be released, little is known about any negative aspects about it.


Samsung is yet to make any announcement on guarantees or warranties pertaining to the Samsung WB35F smart camera.

Is It Worth The Money?

With such great features packed into one portable and stylish package, there is no doubt that whatever price tag Samsung will attach to the Samsung WB35F is going to be worth it.

Where Can I Buy?

Expect the Samsung WB35F to be made available directly at the Samsung store, or other legitimate retailers. One very good online merchant is Amazon, where this product is sure to be available with amazing deals that will let you save on shipping as well as give you discounts.

Final Thoughts

Samsung is certainly stepping up its game when it comes to its portable cameras, and the Samsung WB35F, with its long-zoom capabilities, HD quality video, and connectivity features, is one major player you should most definitely get your hands on once it’s out.

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