Samsung WB50F-smart camera with a clear long 12x optical zoom

With a sensitivity range of ISO 80 to 3200 equivalents, the Samsung WB50F is a smart camera with a clear long 12x optical zoom, soft flash, a 16MP CCD sensor, and advanced NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity

How Much Is The Samsung WB50F?

At the moment, no definite price has been announced for this model yet.Samsung WB50F

Now let’s have a look at some of the main positive aspects.

The Samsung WB50F comes in a charming and child-friendly design which means it can be used even by the youngest members of the family. The Tag & Go feature is definitely something to look forward to, connecting the camera and your smartphone by simply tapping them together. Since it utilizes Soft Flash, shooting in various lighting becomes much easier.

Here’s our conclusion:

Samsung certainly put the “smart” in this smart camera, putting a lot of features in the Samsung WB50F that are difficult to turn away from.

Thanks for checking out our review. To know more about this product, click on the link below this video, now!

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