6“High resolution” seems to be the name of the game lately when it comes to televisions, and Sharp is taking it seriously, introducing new products that show a lot of promise. The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U is a 4K Ultra HD TV with a quad-core processor, a 43-inch display, and several 4K technologies that will make 4K lovers rub their hands in anticipation!

How Much Is The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U?

The selling price for this unit for Sharp is set at $749.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U?

Minimalists and people who like things simple are likely to go for the Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U. At 43 inches, it is small and compact, compared to the humongous units that are being manufactured by the major TV makers today. It is definitely space efficient, without compromising on audio and visual quality.

Things We Like About The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U

Yes, it is possible to enjoy 4K Ultra HD quality on your TV without having to deal with a large unit that takes up a lot of space and, for some, an eyesore because of its sheer bulk and width. This is the first time that Sharp has come out with this screen size, and we cannot wait for everyone to experience it as well.

For such a “small” unit, it still proves to be one powerful and high performance television, thanks to its quad core processor. In fact, it is powerful enough to support 4K Ultra HD streaming.

Sharp also equipped it with its own Revelation Upscaler, so you can get the most out of its 4K capabilities. It also boasts Sharp’s SmartCentral 3.0, further increasing its functionalities.

Since it is by Sharp, you can expect the modern design to be maintained, and that is in large part due to the use of ultra slim bezel. Even the stand is sleek and classy!

Things We Did Not Like About the Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U

For some, the size could be a downer. It’s a good thing, then, that the UB30 series also comes in other, bigger, screen sizes.


Sharp has not yet made any official announcements regarding the applicable guarantees for this product.

Is The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U Worth The Money?

This entry level 4K Ultra HD unit from Sharp is definitely worth the money! It’s not as expensive as other units, and it offers a lot of great features!

Where Can I Buy The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U?

The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U will be available in all electronics and television retail stores near you. You can also go online and browse sites such as Amazon. Amazon comes highly recommended because it has been a trusted shopping site, providing products at competitive prices and even offering promos such as Free Shipping to its customers.

Final Thoughts For The Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U

It does not take long for anyone to decide that the Sharp 43” Class LC43UB30U is one classy unit to have in every home!

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