2Sharp is moving up the ranks and becoming a major contender in the 4K TV battlefield, with its latest 4K Ultra HD TV offerings. The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 boasts the latest 4K specs, which includes a quad-core processor and a new codec specifically designed for 4K playback.

How Much Is The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30?

This 4K UHD TV from Sharp will be sold at $1,999.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30?

When it comes to 4K, there are already the “usual suspects”, or the manufacturers that have already been churning out these units. Now that Sharp is joining the fray, so to speak, many are standing at attention, looking forward to what this new player has to offer. Sharp is also equated with quality, and there are a lot of people who are curious on how it fares when it comes to producing 4K Ultra HD televisions.

Things We Like About Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30

When you look at Sharp’s UE30 Series, you will immediately notice that the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 is the “smallest”. But that hardly matters, since it is still a whopping 60-inch screen which is, by no means, small.

Aside from having 4x the pixel resolution of Full HD, the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 also boasts the Revelation Upscaler – another Sharp exclusive technology. We already made mention of the introduction of a new codec – the HEVC/h.265 and VP9, which allows 4K content to be played in its native form. This is a great feature, especially for streaming content. Indeed, it appears that the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 is excellent when it comes to 4K Ultra HD Streaming.

Other Sharp technologies integrated into this unit include the AquoMotion 480 and AquoDimming. This is also a “smart” TV, since it comes with SmartCentral 4.0. The fact that it operates on an Android TV platform even makes it more attractive, offering Android features that widen your content options.

The ultra slim bezel and sleek stand combine to give the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 a modern and sleek design, so you won’t have qualms about having it in your own home.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30

So far, we don’t see anything to complain about in this unit. Of course, that opinion might change once it’s out in the market, so watch this space for updates.


Sharp has not yet released any notes on the applicable warranties for the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30.

Is The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 Worth The Money?

Compared to other models, the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 is on a more affordable scale. We cannot wait to see how it truly performs, but for now, expectations are on the bright side that this will be worth buying.

Where Can I Buy The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30?

You can find the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30 in stores and shops that sell Sharp products. You can head on to your trusted electronics retailer, or just browse through online stores. Amazon is at the top of the game when it comes to online stores, since it offers quality products at great prices. You may even avail of this product with Free Shipping!

Final Thoughts For The Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30

Be a smart and sharp (no pun intended) shopper when you get yourself the Sharp 60” Class LC60UE30!

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