1In Sharp’s flagship line of 4K Ultra HD line, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is a standout. Aside from having a huge 70-inch screen display, it also boasts SPECTROS Rich Color Display technology, Smart Central 4.0, and a possible THX 4K certification. It also adopts the Android TV platform, providing access to Google Play and other features.

How Much Is The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is going to be sold for $3,199.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

For many people, there is no screen big enough to give them an immersive viewing experience. But with the 70-inch screen display of the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30, it is sure to provide a viewing experience unlike any other. Of course, there is also the 80-inch version, but there are those who will deem that to be too much, so they will naturally turn to this one.

Things We Like About The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

Aside from screen size, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 certainly has large features.

Although THX certification is still pending as of this writing, it claims to already offer THX 4K-Certified Picture quality. Add to that the SPECTROS Rich Color Display and Revelation Upscaler innovation by Sharp, and you can expect some spectacular picture quality!

Since this is a 4K unit, you can also take advantage of its 4K ultra HD streaming, since it now supports HEVC/h.265 codec.

Aside from that, Sharp also integrated its AquoMotion 960 and AquoDimming technologies in this unit. While other models made use of SmartCentral 3.0 version, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 has the SmartCentral 4.0 one, so it is definitely a major step up!

It comes with a quad core processor and a touchpad remote for better control by viewers. The modern design is maintained by Sharp, making this one aesthetically satisfying unit.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

To be honest, at this point, we could not find fault with the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30. Check back here for any updates on that front in the future.


There are no official releases or announcements regarding the guarantees and warranties that come with this product.

Is The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 Worth The Money?

It’s huge, it’s high-performance, and it gives you excellent quality! Of course it is worth the money!

Where Can I Buy The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

Once released for sale, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 will be available in Sharp official stores, as well as retailers and distributors of Sharp products. Consumers can also go online and check out various websites. Amazon is one such site, known for its high trust rating, as well as its competitive prices. You may also avail of its Free Shipping option, since it is attached to some products.

Final Thoughts For The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

One thing is for sure: you will never be disappointed with the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30.

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