1The Sony  KDL-55W800C LED HDTV is a Sony Android TV unit that is equipped with an X-Reality PRO picture engine and Motionflow XR 960. It also supports PS3 streaming and allows connectivity to Google Play, increasing content options.

How Much Is The Sony  KDL-55W800C?

At the moment, the price for the Sony  KDL-55W800C is still unavailable. Check back here for updates.

Who Would Buy The Sony  KDL-55W800C?

Sony has remained to be one of the most reliable names when it comes to TV technology, and it has earned quite a lot of loyal fans. Loyal users of Sony products will definitely be looking into purchasing this product, especially with its impressive list of features and specifications that fit their lifestyle and preferences. Gamers, in particular, will find this unit to be a good buy, considering how it allows PS3 streaming.

Things We Like About The Sony  KDL-55W800C

The first thing that we love about the Sony  KDL-55W800C is the extraordinary clarity and color that it offers. This is mostly thanks to its X-Reality PRO enhancement, further reinforced by Sony’s Motionflow XR 960 technology. This guarantees preciseness in the motion clarity of any video or content rendered on the 55-inch LCD screen.

Android TV is becoming a force of nature when it comes to TV technology, and the Sony  KDL-55W800C makes full use of this platform. As such, users of the Sony  KDL-55W800C can get ready access to Google Play. This means they can get their hands on a lot of content, such as videos, and apps and games from the Play Store. Google Cast is one feature that you can take advantage of.

Gaming is going to be more enjoyable because the Sony  KDL-55W800C allows direct streaming of PS3 games. Yes, it is not just your favorite TV shows and movies that can be streamed in this unit, since you can also do the same with your favorite PS3 games!

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony  KDL-55W800C

All the features of the Sony  KDL-55W800C are not yet fully revealed, but we would have liked it even more if it had Wi-Fi connectivity.


Sony covers its products with satisfactory warranties, and the Sony  KDL-55W800C will also be attached with limited manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor.

Is The Sony  KDL-55W800C Worth The Money?

The Sony  KDL-55W800C LED TV’s price has not yet been released, so it is hard to say for sure if it is worth the money.

Where Can I Buy The Sony  KDL-55W800C?

Aside from Sony stores and the official Sony website, electronics stores selling televisions will also have the Sony  KDL-55W800C in stock once it is released. Naturally, you can go online and go to sites such as Amazon. Amazon is a particularly good site, since you can also save on shipping as it may be eligible for their free shipping option.

Final Thoughts For The Sony  KDL-55W800C

Get smart with your TV! With the Sony  KDL-55W800C, you can never go wrong!

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