2Sony’s offering, the MDR-1ABT, is proving to be quite a threat to other headphones in its class and category. This wireless headphone features Near Field Communication and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connectivity. To add to users’ convenience, it even has a built-in touch sensor on the right earcup.

How Much Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

The latest wireless headphone set in the MDR lineup has a suggested retail price of $399.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Headphones are now looking better and better, and so are its functions and features. In the past, it is rare to find a set that combines very good aesthetics with decent audio quality. Those who are looking for this combination will definitely find the Sony MDR-1ABT to be exactly what they have been waiting for. No doubt they’ll be lining up for this Sony contraption.

Things We Like About The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

At first glance, the Sony MDR-1ABT may look bulky. But that impression would fade soon enough once you realize how plush and comfortable it is, not to mention good looking. The padding is thick and soft, and the earcups have enough space for comfort, even during prolonged periods of usage.

And we already mentioned the built-in touch controls on the right earcup, haven’t we? That is definitely an added plus. No more lengthy tweaks to get the audio quality or action you want. Just swipe up or down to increase or lower volume. Swipe to the right to replay the track, or to the left to skip to the next one. Fuss-free and effortless!

What we like best about the Sony MDR-1ABT, however, would be its wireless capabilities. The NFC technology certainly added to the functionality of this unit, allowing its use without the need for cables.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

The bulky size of the Sony MDR-1ABT may be off-putting for some.


There are no official releases yet regarding the guarantees and the applicable warranty terms for this product.

Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone Worth The Money?

It definitely looks like a great deal: great sound quality in a great looking unit, which guarantees easy and fun listening, thanks to its wireless capabilities and touch controls. It is one investment you won’t regret making!

Where Can I Buy The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Sony always has its products on its stores once they are released. You may also check out other retailers that are authorized to distribute authentic Sony products. If you prefer to do your shopping online, the best place to do your purchase is at Amazon.com. They offer competitive pricing and high quality products, with excellent customer service. They also have promos running for the benefit of customers, and one of them is Free Shipping, which will save you more than a few dollars.

Final Thoughts For The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

Sony proves its one of the audio leaders in the industry, and the Sony MDR-1ABT is a clear proof of that!

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