5The Sony  MEX-XB100BT is a high-powered 100-watt Bluetooth car stereo reinforced with a 4-channel class-D amplifier and premium features such as sound synchronization, Mega Bass, and ClearAudio+ technology.

How Much Is The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Pricing information for the Sony  MEX-XB100BT is still unavailable as of this date.

Who Would Buy The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Anyone who appreciates reliable and high performance from a powerful portable audio device will surely appreciate the cutting-edge features and technologies packed into the Sony  MEX-XB100BT.

Things We Like About The Sony  MEX-XB100BT

Car stereos have certainly come a very long way, and that is thanks to the innovations thought up by manufacturers. The Sony  MEX-XB100BT, for example, is one of those innovative products, offering something better, something bigger, and something new.

No one could dispute the power of the Sony  MEX-XB100BT, with its built-in 4-channel amps, which could easily deliver 100 watts of power for each channel.

As for sound quality, its advanced sound engine and Mega-Bass, which delivers clear and rich low-end sounds, combine for a premium listening experience. Users can also manually fine-tune it according to their preferences, since it comes with a digital equalizer that is very user-friendly.

The interface of the Sony  MEX-XB100BT is markedly characterized by Sony’s Dynamic Colour Illuminator, so it looks sleek and stylish. Around 35,000 LED combinations add more character to the unit, and to your dash, once you set it up in your car.

Portability is also one great advantage of this product. The amp does not require external battery connections, and has a compact and slim design, so it is more space-efficient. It is also significantly lighter than other units.

This unit is Bluetooth-capable, and also designed for compatibility with Siri Eyes Free technology. Now that is definitely a very good feature, especially for those who are always on the go and would want to utilize their phones without having to touch them.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony  MEX-XB100BT

Right now, we cannot find any fault with the features of the Sony  MEX-XB100BT.


Sony has not yet released official details on the applicable warranties and guarantees for the Sony  MEX-XB100BT.

Is The Sony  MEX-XB100BT Worth The Money?

Considering its high-performance, portability, convenience and connectivity features, it is safe to say that this is a good buy. The verdict is still out on it, though, since the price has not yet been announced.

Where Can I Buy The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Sony stores will definitely have this unit in its shelves when it is finally released. Also, retailers and resellers are also bound to stock up on it. Amazon is a good site to browse for the Sony  MEX-XB100BT since they offer products at good prices, along with other perks such as Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Sony  MEX-XB100BT

Looking at the features of the Sony  MEX-XB100BT, looks like its competitors will be having a hard time trying to top it. Users, on the other hand, cannot wait to get their hands on it!

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