6In the past, smartphone watches were only seen in the movies. In recent years, however, they have become actual products, much to our delight. With the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B – Sony’s third smartwatch – we are given another treat, a smartphone watch that is powered by Android Wear.

How Much Is The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

The price for this smartphone watch is still unavailable at the moment.

Who Would Buy The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

Sometimes a smartphone can be described as an impersonal tool. The same could be said for a wristwatch. The combination of the two devices in this 3rd SmartWatch from Sony manages to deflect that, claiming that it provides a “contextual and personal” experience. Those who would like to get the functionalities of a smartphone and a wristwatch in one stylish unit will not think twice about getting this product.

Things We Like About The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

This particular unit boasts a “fitness” design, meaning it is something that active individuals would want when they are working out, running, or performing other physical fitness activities. Therefore, it is resistant to sweat and it is also waterproof.

But that does not mean it is limited for their use only. It is so stylish, so it will also work for others, even if they are not actively doing anything.

The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B has a built-in GPS, so users can track everything – yes, even without their smartphone on hand.

We also love how it is able to play music via Bluetooth. Just plug in a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your watch, activate the Walkman app (which is already built into the watch), and you can start enjoying music while running, or doing whatever you are doing.

The 4GB storage is also very impressive, so you can pretty much fill it up with lots of music and other apps. You don’t have to worry about performance, since it has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony KDL-55W850C

It already has a fitness design. However, it lacks a Heart Rate Tracking feature. Now that would have been another excellent selling point if it were present.


Complete details on the applicable warranty for the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B have not yet been released. However, Sony is known to provide warranty for its products.

Is The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B Worth The Money?

Once the price is out, we will know for sure if it is worth the money. Until then, watch this space for updates.

Where Can I Buy The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

Stores selling fitness equipment and accessories are sure to have the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B in their product lineup. We would also recommend Amazon as a good website to check out. Not only do they have excellent customer service and support; they also offer great deals for customers. One of them is the Free Shipping promo.

Final Thoughts For The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

Get empowered with the more powerful and ever-reliable Sony Smartwatch SWR50B!

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