1The Sony SRS-X99 is one of the newest wireless sound equipment to come out of the Sony power stable. This wireless speaker with Bluetooth capability features seven speakers with 154W power, and is controlled by the application called Songpal.

How Much Is The Sony SRS-X99?

This product is priced by Sony at $699.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony SRS-X99?

When the earlier model, the Sony SRS-X9 was released, it was a hit among audio enthusiasts, but there were also features that they wanted improved. The Sony SRS-X99 seems to be the upgrade of that version. Surely, fans of the predecessor will be more than happy with this upgrade, and will line up for it once it is officially released.

Things We Like About The Sony SRS-X99

Who doesn’t want a speaker that can be controlled wirelessly? The Sony SRS-X99 is designed for wireless functioning, so it can be controlled by using a smartphone or a tablet. That is definitely a convenience that we would not say no to!

Sound quality is not to be balked at, either. The Sony SRS-X99 produces sophisticated sound, thanks to its built-in 154 watts digital amplification. This does not have two or four, or even 5, speakers only. It has seven, all of which have a frequency ranging from 45 Hz to 40 KHz. That promises what could only be described as a satisfying and immersive sound experience.

The quality of audio is further enhanced by its dual passive radiators, as well as its Magnetic Fluid Speaker. Delivery of rich sound is guaranteed by the integration of DSEE HX and ClearAudio+ technology.

Bringing in an added thumbs up is how it allows audio streaming via Bluetooth technology, and how it supports both AAC and aptX codecs. To get more enjoyment, you can even connect to Google Cast and Spotify.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony SRS-X99

It is still not known at this point if the Sony SRS-X99 has features that are not satisfying or would make users regret buying it. Watch this space for updates.


We are still unaware of the full details of any warranty coverage for the Sony SRS-X99. However, Sony is known to provide such protection for its products and for consumers.

Is The Sony SRS-X99 Worth The Money?

A wireless speaker that can also access Google Cast and other similar features? These alone are enough incentive for us to throw our money Sony’s way so we can get our hands on the Sony SRS-X99!

Where Can I Buy The Sony SRS-X99?

Sony stores and other retailers will be selling the Sony SRS-X99 once it is officially released in the market. If you are looking for a place that guarantees excellent customer service, competitive prices, great deals, and quality product, one website that is highly recommended is Amazon. This product may also be available with Free Shipping when you purchase it from the site.

Final Thoughts For The Sony SRS-X99

These days, there are so many ways to listen to, and enjoy, music, and the Sony SRS-X99 is definitely one of them.

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