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At 32 inches, the screen of the VIZIO M322i LED TV is the smallest in Vizio’s M Series. However, its features are still topnotch, starting from its redesigned Smart TV platform with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus, its full-array LED backlighting, and its razor-thin profile.

How Much?

The VIZIO M322i Full Array Smart LED TV has a selling price of $329.99.VIZIO M322i

Who Would Buy This?

These days, almost everyone wants to have a bigger television – a larger screen, louder sound, bigger body. This is because they automatically assume that smaller units have inferior features. But with the VIZIO M322i LED TV, that’s not the case. This would definitely be on top of the shopping list of those who prefer their electronics low-key. Since it does not take up a lot of space, it is also ideal for those with not enough floor space to spare.

 Things We Like

Vizio might not be as huge or as popular as the most well-known television brands and models today, but that does not mean they are way behind when it comes to features. The VIZIO M322i 32-inch 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV is the perfect example of that.

Outstanding picture quality is often associated with larger screens, but even at 32 inches, you will still enjoy 1080p display – that is full HD to you – with the VIZIO M322i. But what really makes its picture quality so amazing is the full array backlighting integrated into its overall design. This is made even better by the 12-zoned Active LED Local Dimming and the Active Pixel Tuning. You might think the 12 zones is not enough, since the larger models normally have 32 zones for contrast enhancement. We’re talking about a smaller screen here, so the 12 zones is just the perfect number.

Watching sports programs or fast-paced action flicks on TV screens can be quite problematic, since there are issues on motion or movement quality. The VIZIO M322i LED TV easily remedies that with its 720 Clear Action Rate feature, which is basically a backlight scanning feature that does wonders for these motion-rich videos.

 Things We Don’t Like

At the moment, we still do not know if the VIZIO M322i has features to complain about.


Vizio has not yet disclosed any warranty information pertaining to this product.

 Is It Worth The Money?

You really cannot put a price to a highly satisfying TV viewing experience, and since the VIZIO M322i promises to give you one, it’s safe to say that this is one unit worth spending your money on.

 Where Can I Buy?

The VIZIO M322i will definitely be made available directly from Vizio, but you can also buy it from authorized distributors and dealers, as well as online merchants such as Amazon. Amazon often offers discounts on their products, and even lets buyers avail of their Free Shipping option.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy great features in the smallest 2014 M-Series collection of HDTV units! The VIZIO M322i will certainly have its place of honor in your home, and in your overall viewing experience!

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