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The 42-inch VIZIO M422i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV is slightly larger than the smallest unit in the 2014 M Series collection of HDTVs. It offers better picture quality, built-in Wi-Fi, and enhanced contrast control features. VIZIO M422i

How Much?

The VIZIO M422i Full Array Smart LED TV’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is set at $529.99.

Who Would Buy This?

Not everyone thinks that bigger TV screens always mean better picture quality and performance. The VIZIO M422i Full Array Smart LED TV will definitely be the television of choice of people who want to enjoy excellent picture quality and Wi-Fi connectivity in their television, without spending the thousands of dollars that is usually attached to those from more recognized brands.

Things We Like

There is no arguing that the most outstanding upgrade in the M Series relates to its advanced Full Array LED backlighting technology, resulting in superior picture performance. Details become more vivid, color and brightness become accurate and more enhanced.

The detail accuracy as well as contrast can also be readily tweaked, and this is done through the Active Pixel Tuning feature installed in the VIZIO M422i Full Array Smart LED TV. All 12 Active LED zones will also ensure plenty of brightness in white areas.

But it doesn’t end there. The screen refresh rate is further enhanced by the backlight scanning feature called 720 Clear Action Rate. Although it is highly recommended that this feature be disabled majority of the time, using it is greatly beneficial if you are watching programs involving rapid movement, such as sports shows and some action films.

We also appreciate the many things that built-in Wi-Fi feature provides. Not only does it give you access to the all-new Vizio Internet Apps Plus, which offers smooth and flawless streaming of HD videos from Netflix, Pandora, and other social media sites, you can also turn it into a second screen for your iOS and Android devices. This feature is called Second Screen, and it lets you view content on your devices directly on the 42-inch TV screen, as long as there are no compatibility issues.

Things We Don’t Like

We still do not know for sure what there is to dislike about this product since there’s very little information about it.


Any information regarding warranty and product guarantees have not yet been released.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you are looking for a television that will let you enjoy HD picture quality and amazing connectivity perks, then you won’t regret spending $529.99 on this. In fact, this is considered to be a great value TV for value shoppers.

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy the VIZIO M422i Full Array Smart LED TV from Vizio, or you can also get it from other retailers. Online, a very good option would be Amazon. Avail of their free shipping promo as well as their discounts.

Final Thoughts

Get great value for your money with the VIZIO M422i Full Array Smart LED TV today!

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