Product ReviewVIZIO M492i

At 49 inches, many would say that the VIZIO M492i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV is just the right size for home entertainment purposes. But the real beauty of this unit lies in its amazing picture quality, upgraded Internet Apps feature, and built-in Wi-Fi.

How Much?

The VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is set at $699.99.VIZIO M492i

Who Would Buy This?

It is a good thing that users can now have their pick of the perfect size of their televisions. The VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV is a decent size, and it is also very affordable. Budget TV shoppers will definitely want to throw their money on this unit, which is just the right size, and at the right price.

Things We Like

We can never say enough good things about the full array LED backlighting that Vizio has incorporated into its M Series, particularly the VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV. When it comes to picture quality, people are under the impression that the key lies in the picture engine, or the exclusive technology applied by the manufacturer in the design. However, backlighting can also work wonders with the picture quality, and Vizio hit the jackpot right on the head with this one.

The advanced local dimming technology of Vizio’s LED backlighting technology plays a huge role in this upgrade. It makes use of 32 zones – the usual number found in other LED TVs – which are all instrumental in improving contrast control of the picture.

Some say that the only way to fix contrast problems is to address them at the pixel level. The VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV definitely addresses that through the Active Pixel Tuning, which provides very reliable support to the Active LED local dimming feature.

We all love TVs that let us connect to the internet so we can have more media sources. Online videos can now be streamed, and that is made possible by the Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Streaming is smooth and seamless, and you will have definitely a wealth of media that you can enjoy on your very own 49-inch VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV.

Things We Don’t Like

Except for basic features, not a lot of information on the VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV has been released just yet, so we still don’t know if there is anything not to like about it.


Vizio has not yet made any announcements regarding the warranty on the VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV.

 Is It Worth The Money?

Vizio has been designing its latest HDTV collection with the value shopper in mind, so it is safe to say that the VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV, at $699.99, is worth the money.

 Where Can I Buy?

You can buy the VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV from Vizio, or other recognized and trusted sellers, including Amazon, where you are likely to get it at a discount, with Free Shipping.

 Final Thoughts

Be a smart shopper and spend your money on quality without going overboard! The VIZIO M492i Full Array Smart LED TV is definitely every smart shopper’s smart TV.

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