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The VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV boasts the largest screen size among the 2014 M Series while retaining its impressive thin and borderless design, upgraded picture quality, redesigned Smart TV platform, LED backlighting with Smart Dimming, and built-in Wi-Fi.

How Much?

The VIZIO M801i Full Array Smart LED TV’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is set at $3,299.99.VIZIO M801i

Who Would Buy This?

Some people want to simulate the cinema’s “big-screen” experience in their own homes, and so they look for HDTV units with large screens. However, most of them are not willing to fork out so much money. With the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV, they will get a monster of a TV at a more affordable price!

Things We Like

Who doesn’t love watching films and shows on the big screen? Certainly not us. We love how large the screen of the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV is. At 80 inches, one would normally expect picture quality problems, since the screen is simply too, well, large. However, the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV utilizes Active LED Smart Local Dimming, so you get a more vibrant picture, deeper contrast, and crisper and sharper detail. It also offers a refresh rate, which comes very handy when you are watching your favorite sports programs or videos involving fast action.

The problem encountered by most with their Wi-Fi enabled TVs is the speed and efficiency of connecting to the internet. The built-in Wi-Fi of the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV pretty much guarantees easy and fast wireless connection. This excellent connection eliminates the usual problems encountered when you try to do some HD streaming. The redesigned platform was also made to be more intuitive, so you don’t have to worry about having a hard time navigating your way through its features and settings.

And did we mention the Vizion Internet Apps Plus feature? You now get to enjoy faster Smart TV and have access to hundreds of apps, giving you a virtually unlimited source of streaming media and content. Vizio certainly took the PLUS part seriously by expanding its apps library.

Things We Don’t Like

At the moment, it is still hard to tell if there is anything about the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV that is worth complaining about.


Vizio has not yet given out information on warranty applicable to the VIZIO M801i Full Array Smart LED TV.

 Is It Worth The Money?

You get an 80-inch TV at a fraction of the price you would have spent on other models, and its features are just as competitive. Of course, it is worth your money!

 Where Can I Buy?

The VIZIO M801i Full Array Smart LED TV can be purchased directly from Vizio, or you can also get it from other authorized merchants. Amazon is a good place, since you are likely to get Free Shipping along with your order.

Final Thoughts

A monster of a TV without a monstrous price tag. If you’re going for size, make sure it is worth investing on, and no investment is more satisfying than the VIZIO M801i 1080p Smart Full Array LED TV.

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