Product ReviewVU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner

The VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner is the latest in Samsung’s highly innovative line of floor care solutions. It features Samsung’s proprietary Motion Sync Design, 9-Cyclonic chambers powered by CycloneForce Multi Technology, and a fully detachable Handheld Vacuum. VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner

How Much?

The price of this product, which is expect to be available in early spring of 2014, has not yet been announced by Samsung.

Who Would Buy This?

Housewives and professional cleaners will definitely find the VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner to be a very worthy investment. With a powerful performance that could take on any floor cleaning job – both hard wood and carpets – this upright vacuum cleaner also offers a lot of versatility, thanks to its detachable handheld vacuum feature. Anyone looking for a vacuum cleaner that does the job and does it very well will definitely go for this unit.

Things We Like

Owning a VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner is almost like having two vacuum cleaners! First, you have the larger upright vacuum cleaner, which features Samsung’s revolutionary Motion Sync Design. Its swivel body definitely makes steering and maneuvering very easy. Add to that the large reverse-cambered wheels, and you’ll have an easy time tackling any floor – even the sharp turns and corners – with this vacuum cleaner. The swivel brush also makes it possible to clean even those deep corners that you normally would ignore when using other cleaners.

The ‘second’ vacuum cleaner comes in the form of the fully detachable handheld vacuum cleaner. It has its own motor, and once detached from the main body, you now have a portable vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean hard to reach places and corners of your home.

Another notable feature is its extremely powerful suction, and this is mainly due to its CycloneForce Multi Technology, using 9-Cyclonic chambers to deal with dirt, dust and debris decisively.

Things We Don’t Like

Since the VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner is not yet available for use, it is hard to tell if there is anything not to like about it.


Samsung also has not made any announcements on any guarantees or warranty terms pertaining to this particular vacuum cleaner. Watch this space for updates.

Is It Worth The Money?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a floor vacuum cleaner that will deliver both in terms of power and performance. Not all of them also guarantee deep and intense cleaning. The VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner, with all its features, looks like the one unit that is worth investing on.

Where Can I Buy?

The VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner is sure to be available directly from Samsung. Online sellers and merchants like Amazon are sure to also make this available, and even offer discounts and free shipping options.

Final Thoughts

For all your floor care solutions, all you need is one powerful unit that will give you high performance, and you can get that from Samsung’s VU12F40 Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner.

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